To wear a skinny tie or not to?

In our last blog post we shared tips on how to match a tie with a suit?  Much of that focus was on necktie patterns and colors and how the right pattern can avoid the clash with a quality suit print and tips on selecting the right color to build that Million Dollar Look. 

Since our last blog, the topic of skinny ties has come up, especially when it comes to selecting the right necktie width and length to wear.  Are skinny ties in style?  Is it better to go safe and go with a standard necktie width?  So, let’s dive into this a bit further, as the selection of the proper tied width will surely help you pull of that polished look.

Necktie Widthand Length – On trend or not?

We have heard some fashion advisors say that you can be more forgiving with the width and length of a necktie as it should not take that much away from the overall look (if the tie pattern and colour are on point).  However, we say the opposite because it is all about the details.  Have you ever see that person who’s tie is hanging around the top of their belly button region?  That don’t look like a million bucks to us!

Let’s look a three common tie widths:

  • Skinny tie which is usually under 3 inches in width.
  • Standard tie approximately 3.5 inches wide
  • Wide tie which will be more than 3.75 inches in width.

To determine the best width, we would need to consider the physical characteristics of the client along with the lapels of the suit.  For example, someone who is thin and wearing a suit with slim lapels may look great with a skinny tie.  If this was someone who was of a wider build and had suit lapels that were also wide but chose a skinny tie to complete the look, perhaps that would not be a good choice.  Even if the skinny tie was the “in fashion” trend, the overall look would not be pleasing for this type of body profile. 

When it comes to tie length, please do not wear it too short!  If you notice that too much of your shirt showing, it’s too short.  We recommend lengths closer to the hip around the top of the belt area (but please do not cover the belt buckle).

Make sure to ask your fashion advisor for their input once you try on your suit or selecting styles for consideration.  Another tip for the “DIY fashionista” is to use a camera along with the mirror.  They say a picture tells a thousand words and a picture of you in your suit and necktie can be great to review before you head out for your special event.  Take a quick picture to view the overall look to see how your overall look and necktie flows.  If it doesn’t hit the point, then simply pick another – it’s all about the details!

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