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Book an appointment for a free consultation by phone or email. Please leave us a text message or email us anytime with your inquiries. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

At the initial meeting, we will discuss what styles or designs our customers are looking for. They will then select fabric from our books and customize their piece. After finalizing the design, we will take measurements.

Your suit will be ready within 4-5 weeks. A second meeting will be arranged for fittings. If alterations are needed, it will take another week and a half (we provide in house alterations).

Customers can either pick-up their suit or we hand deliver it to their doors. Note: delivery is within Metro Vancouver and some parts of Fraser Valley.

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We provide the finest quality of bespoke suits for men, women & children. Our customers have access to various types of fabrics such as wool, linen cotton, cashmere, viscose, silk, and more. Our collection has over 1000 fabrics to choose from.

Diversity has had influential roots in fashion for many years. We are proud to promote & embrace traditionalism in our fashion line, which exemplifies the diversity of our time. At our client's request, we can fuse one or various cultures together into a one-of-a-kind style piece.

Our customers also have options to go through our collection of ready made pieces and accessories displayed at our store. We encourage our clients to browse through our selection for ideas.

We provide variety of different types of ties such as bowties, neckties, casavant & ascot. Along with pocket squares & cuff links.

Welcome to Estelle, an essential and a must-have for everyone in the fashion industry.